Best online learning 10th grade

Sahara India Pariwar through the medium of Edunguru believes in our potential to disseminate quality education to the students and make success happen for our students. We foresee the challenges that are emerging for the young minds today in their quest for achieving success and excellence in education. In The journey of education, class 10th examination is the first step that students climb. At Edunguru we today offer the best online learning 10th-grade course designed by highly experienced. Competent, and well-qualified faculty at the most affordable prices and content that is incomparable in the industry.

“You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else”.  Said Albert Einstein. CBSE 10th Class Board Exam is a game for which you were training as a student for almost 12 years. Trying to learn the rules of the game and finally trying to play the game better than the rest. Edunguru provides an excellent e-learning platform for CBSE students from class 6 onwards to embark on the challenge posed by the board in class 10. We provide students with the best of class 10th online learning experience by delivering activity-oriented and easy-to-understand content.

          The comprehensive syllabus is specially designed to cover the syllabus prescribed by CBSE for Mathematics, Science, English Grammar, Hindi Grammar, and Social Science for class 10th. In addition to comprehensive courses, we provide solved practice questions. Subjective assessment papers, and previous years’ board papers in every subject. Our best class 10 online learning courses include the following features::

1. Activity-based learning which is presented in the most simplified manner, with the use of pictorial presentations, graphs,  charts.

2.       Content is designed to enable conceptual clarity and lifelong learning.

3.       To make classes more engaging digital classrooms are supported by animated visuals.

4.       Highly competent and experienced teachers. Top-quality learning experiences handled by some of the best minds in the country.

5.       Our learning plans have 3 Multiple Choice Questions. At the end of every topic to be answered by the student  to strengthen the subject concepts of the students

6.       We provide e-learning solutions for our best online learning 10th-grade course in the form of Videos. Daily practice papers, downloadable PDFs, online tests, mock tests, and home assignments.

7.       Solved practice questions of maths and science

8.       Summary of each class at the end for quick recapitulation.

9.       Our best online learning 10th-grade classes can be accessed on Mobile, T.V, Laptop, and desktop, or if no smart devices. Also, we are available then android boxes at a reasonable price of Rs. 2500/- is made available.  The USB or Pen drive can be played on this.

10.   Tutor authored books have also been made available that are a transcription of the tutor’s classes for better understanding and revision.

11.   The resolution of students’ problems through video conferencing, chats, email, virtual classroom interaction.

12.   Unique discussion forums that enable competitive benchmarking of their abilities not just in the region or state but at PAN India level with peer groups of Edunguru.

13.   Doubt clearing sessions with mentor/tutor

14.   Participation of students possible in webinars and Web Chats.

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