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Almost 52 state boards have been sanctioned by the education ministry of India’s government. Numerous children studied in the schools associated with these state boards. Many state board students live in India’s remote villages, where they do not get the proper guidance to perform better in the examinations. Edunguru, the best learning platform in India, provides state board online classes, for almost every state board in India. The state boards syllabus covered by Edunguru is – Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. 

Subjects covered by Edunguru

Edunguru covers all the subjects mentioned in the syllabus of that particular state. The topics covered in the state board online classes from class 6 to class 10 are English Grammar, Hindi Grammar, Science, Social Science, Mathematics. In grade 11 and class 12, for all three streams, i.e., Science, Commerce, and Humanities, online coaching is provided by Edunguru. 

Teaching Method

Edunguru’s highly skilled and experienced faculties designed the state board online classes, with concept-based learning to make the teaching process engaging. To provide the students with adequate information, Edunguru uses animations, diagrams, and in some cases,s the teachers even use illustrations. With the interactive online class facility, a student can interact with the teacher. There a student can clear all the doubts. 

Extremely Helpful Study Materials

The study materials written by the faculties team can positively make a difference in your child’s result in the final examination. The study materials are updated every single year according to the changes made by the respective state board. You can also take the help of the e-library books if you need knowledge about the topic.

Test Papers

There are various types of test papers offered by the Edunguru. Edunguru offers practice papers daily. These practice paper questions will be based on the topics you will learn in the state board, online classes. Mock tests will also be conducted after a specific period. Edunguru arranges two types of mock tests. The first type is based on only particular chapters of a subject, and others will be based on the whole syllabus of that subject. The full syllabus tests are mostly conducted after the completion of the syllabus. The questions in these test papers are made to give the students a better idea about the question patterns in the final examination of one particular class. 

Regular Assessment

Regular assessments of these test papers are done by the team of faculties at Edunguru. The progress report is also made based on the result of these mock tests. The progress report of your child will directly be sent to you. After state board online classes based on a particular topic, students need to answer a few multiple-choice questions to go to the next topic. It removes the gap created between offline and online learning. 


Support and guidance are needed at every step of the learning process. Edunguru offers a helping hand and help in every possible way. Schedule an interactive session with a teacher just with a phone call. Don’t overthink; join Edunguru today, and push the boundary with Edunguru’s state board online classes.

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