Olive Garden Specials

Even if your favorite dish is no longer included on the Olive Garden Specials menu, it can still be offered elsewhere. Please ask your waiter if the chef can make it for you; they should have all the ingredients on hand. The same goes for any of the timeless classics you overlook.

To go with your zeppelin, ask for more secret sauces

The spread that comes with the typical side of chocolate dipping sauce that goes with the cream-filled, deep-fried Italian pastries of Olive Garden Specials is likely to include a lot more if you ask your server about extra options.

Alter the filling in the ravioli

If you want to try a different filling with your ravioli, request it. As long as it isn’t already prepared, the restaurant should be able to make your ravioli any way you like it, whether it’s with Italian sausage and ricotta, spinach and chicken, or beef and tomato.

Demand more sauce

If you’re a lover of garlic alfredo or just want some more marinara to dip your breadsticks in, you can frequently order more sauce to be added to your plate or even provided on the side without having to pay an additional price. This holds true for the salad’s renowned dressing as well.

Affordable Meals

Kids’ lunches at Olive Garden Specials cost less than $6 including tax. Every child’s meal comes with a drink, a side dish, and their choice of pasta. Dessert samples are available for $2.99. Customers can choose from lunch menu items for less than $10 with an olive garden coupon.

Savings on Gift Cards

Customers can save money by purchasing large amounts of gift cards. On gift cards with a value between $500 and $999, customers will receive a 5% discount. On purchases of $1,000 or more in gift cards, customers will receive a 10% discount.

Promotional codes

To make specific menu items less expensive, Olive Garden Specials offers promotional coupons. Customers may mention the offer to the waitress at their restaurant. Customers can input the code at the checkout while making an online purchase.

Coupons Online

When customers join Olive Garden’s email list, they could receive special discounts. Digital coupons make it possible to get free dinners, free appetizers, free desserts, and discounted menu items.
blending different sauces
More sauce, flavor, and pleasure. Additionally, it supposedly makes great leftovers.
Try the wine (Or Three).
If your waitress doesn’t offer a wine sample by default, request one. You can even sample up to three different wines before deciding on a glass or bottle. even in the absence of alcohol.

Free food

Every year, the Golden Ticket of Italian food is the unlimited pasta ticket from Olive Garden Specials. You can have countless servings of spaghetti for seven weeks if you spend $100 on one of these.
Buy additional mint chocolates.
You’re familiar with the Andes mints your waitress offers you with the bill, right? Yes, you might undoubtedly receive a few more if you ask politely. especially if your meal was really garlicky.
We’ve figured out our fixation with the Olive Garden’s secret menu.

Give your sandwiches some flair

Ask for a side of alfredo or marinara to add sauce to other meals, such as the eggplant parmesan sandwich.
All lovers of Italian food, unite! Although the Olive Garden Specials hidden menu has long been assumed to be nonexistent, after some research, we found many incredibly simple menu hacks that you simply must apply. We are glad to inform you that virtually everything on the menu can be customize to your tastes.

Change the Sampler Platter

Olive Garden Specials offers a large selection of delectable appetizer options, and their sampler plate is a great way to satisfy everyone at your party. However, if the platter isn’t perfect from the menu, you can ask your server to change it. Request any applications you like, including the top two in the family. You’ll quickly be enjoying your ideal tasting platter.

Make a creamy minestrone

If you can’t get enough of the soup, salad, and breadsticks, you must use this Olive Garden Specials secret menu trick. Requesting a half-serving of handcrafted minestrone and potato soup in the same cup (or bowl!) allows you to create your own soup. It works fairly well.

If you’re in the mood for a classic minestrone dish, check out this imitation of Olive Garden Specials.
Everything has a season.
Olive Garden Specials are well-known, delectable seasonal dishes. Are you familiar with the Meatball Pizza Bowl? There’s no reason to moan about the altered menu. If the kitchen has the ingredients needed to produce a specific meal, the chefs are more than delighted to do so. For instance, you could always make the well-liked chicken fettuccine Florentine! Right away ask for the chicken fettuccine with spinach.

Switch up the sauce

If you enjoy a particular food or taste combination but dislike the sauce, this hack is for you. On any order, you have the choice to either hold the sauce or substitute your favorite sauce. Chicken parmesan with alfredo sauce is one dish that has a lot of cheese.

Select a Protein

Just like with sauces, you can use any protein in your dish. Whether you want more chicken, shrimp instead of beef, or something completely different, the Olive Garden kitchen staff will be happy to accommodate your demands.

Chuck The Peacock

When dining with your vegetarian (or vegan) buddies, meat is never required. If that doesn’t please you, you can even ask for twice as many vegetables. They typically perform it without charging you because you won’t be getting any meat.

Dress up your salads

Like most restaurants, Olive Garden Specials lets you top any salad with grilled chicken or shrimp. Did you know that you might actually be eating the chicken parm on your salad instead? You might also get Shrimp Fritta to give your salad extra crunch. This, we feel, is the best Olive Garden secret menu ruse we’ve ever heard of.

Utilize the special sauce

Zeppoli is only one of the amazing sweets on the menu. The accompanying chocolate sauce is excellent, but they also have a unique raspberry sauce that is available upon request. There are allegedly additional flavors at other locations.

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Bypass the cheese

If you want to reduce your calorie consumption or if you don’t like dairy in general, you can ask your server or hostess to bring you a dish without the cheese. It’s so simple to fix.

Create fresh ravioli

The success of this hack will depend on the Olive Garden Specials you visit, however in some places you can change the ravioli. (This is true!) Whether you want one or two small changes made or you’d like to customize the filling, the cooks will do everything they can to provide you with the perfect dish. However, since some restaurants load their pasta first thing in the morning, it’s not always doable.

Would you like more? Look through our collection of fake Olive Garden Specials recipes to start cooking!

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